Officials of Sampyo P&C pump their fists during an event to celebrate the company’s acquisition of low-carbon certification for ultra-high-strength PHC piles at its Jecheon plant on November 3. Photo courtesy of Sampyo P&C

Seoul-based builder reaches milestone for the first time in Korea

Sampyo P&C announced on Nov. 10 that the company had acquired the Environmental Product Declaration (Stage 2) low-carbon certification for its ultra-high-strength PHC piles.

Sampyo developed the piles together with POSCO E&C to garner the prestigious certification from the Ministry of Environment for the first time here.

To win the certification, a successful candidate is required to prove the low environmental impact of the entire process, including raw material collection, production, transportation, distribution, usage, and disposal.

Short for pre-tensioned spun high-strength concrete, a PHC pile is used in the foundation to deliver a load of the building and civil structures to the ground.

Sampyo has been a pioneer in the product as it started supplying PHC piles to major domestic sites in 2009 by building the country’s first production line for large-diameter piles.

In 2014, the firm came up with eco-friendly piles with low carbon emissions, and in 2020, it devised a PHC top-down format to reduce costs and construction period.

“With this low-carbon product certification, we will be able to preemptively respond to the rapidly-changing market environment and at the same time participate in the global trend of reducing carbon emissions,” a Sampyo official said.

Sampyo is one of South Korea’s leading companies in the cement and ready-mixed concrete business. Sampyo P&C is the precast hub within the conglomerate.

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