Shown above is a poster of Sampyo Group, which strives to beef up its ethical management by introducing an advanced whistle-blowing system. Photo courtesy of Sampyo Group

Seoul-based outfit introduces ‘K-Whistle Help Line’

South Kora’s Sampyo Group announced on Dec. 19 that the conglomerate would strengthen its ethical management by introducing a cyber-inspection system.

Toward that end, Sampyo decided to introduce K-Whistle Help Line, which is offered by the Korea Business Ethics Institute.

Through the new platform, anybody is allowed to report any suspicions on the wrongdoings of Sampyo insiders or outside stakeholders.

Compared to the conventional closed system, the new format is expected to provide better accessibility, convenience, and anonymity to any potential whistle-blowers, according to Sampyo.

Once anybody makes a report through the help line at the Sampyo website or mobile app, Sampyo officials will examine the case, and the informer can check the proceedings.

The log record of the informer will be automatically deleted. His or her internet protocol address will be blocked to secure his or her anonymity.

“The newly-introduced whistle-blowing system substantially beefs up the anonymity of informers to encourage reports of any wrongdoings,” a Sampyo official said.

“Then, the organizational culture will become more healthy, thus enabling us to strengthen the ethical management.”

Sampyo Group is a Korean manufacturer of construction materials. Established in 1966, the Seoul-based outfit rolls out ready-mixed concrete, construction aggregate, and fly ash.

In the 1980s, Sampyo Group extended its business horizon by tapping into various segments, including railway track and bridge construction.

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