Employees of Sampyo Group pose after taking part in the event of planting young trees at Mt. Eungbong in eastern Seoul on March 23. Photo courtesy of Sampyo Group

Seoul-based group tries to achieve ESG management principle

South Korea’s Sampyo Group announced on March 27 that the outfit’s employees had taken part in a regional event of planting trees in eastern Seoul.

The group said that around 20 Sampyo workers had joined the event, contributing around 3,500 young trees for the “2023 Mt. Eungbong Forsythia Festival.”

The event was designed to reduce fine dust and achieve carbon neutrality around Mt. Eungbong, which is located in Seongdong-Gu while bordering the Han River.

“Planting trees, we realized the significance of the forest. And we also decided to join forces to attain carbon neutrality,” said a Sampyo employee who participated in the activities.

Sampyo Group said that such corporate social responsibility efforts are a part of its ESG management principle.

Short for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG refers to the three major factors in gauging the sustainability of a corporation or business.

The concept has become a buzzword across the globe over the past several years.

“We have prepared for this event, hoping Seoul citizens to be able to see full-blown flowers,” a Sampyo official said in a statement.

“Through various CSR programs aimed at protecting the environments, we will continue to put forth efforts to accomplish the values of the ESG management down the road.”

Sampyo Group is a Korean manufacturer of construction materials. Founded in 1966, the entity cranks out ready-mixed concrete, construction aggregate, and fly ash.

In the 1980s, Sampyo Group extended its business horizon by tapping into various segments, including railway track and bridge construction.

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