Shown above is the service concept of a mobile freight matching platform developed by Sampyo Group’s affiliate SP Nature. Photo courtesy of Sampyo Group

New mobile app expected to help truckers

South Kora’s Sampyo Group announced on Jan. 10 that the company had launched a mobile freight matching platform for dump truck drivers for the first time in the country.

Sampyo’s affiliate SP Nature has developed the mobile app to match shippers’ available freight and truckers’ available capacity as a third-party platform.

When a shipper uploads information on the freight’s location, destination, the amount of load, and prices, a truck driver can accept the offer to take charge of its transportation.

Sampyo said that the new platform would offer a win-win solution for both shippers and truckers because they don’t have to pay commissions to middlemen.

In addition, truck drivers can reduce the risk of having to return without any freight to carry while returning to their original place.

In addition, the final payment of freight fees would take just three to five days, according to Sampyo. Thus far, it has taken more than a month due to the complicated procedures.

“We hope that the new platform will help secure profits for both shippers and truckers,” SP Nature Vice President Kim Ae-rok said.

Sampyo said that the Seoul-based corporation would stage various marketing events to encourage the brisk usage of the new platform.

Sampyo Group is a Korean manufacturer of construction materials. Founded in 1966, the Seoul-based outfit rolls out ready-mixed concrete, construction aggregate, and fly ash.

In the 1980s, Sampyo Group extended its business horizon by tapping into such areas as railway track and bridge construction.

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