Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

2 tech giants announce strategic partnership

Samsung Electronics and AMD announced June 3 that the two global powerhouses signed a multi-year strategic partnership in using the latter’s state-of-the-art graphics technologies.

Under the contract, Samsung will use ultra-low power, high-performance mobile graphics intellectual property based on AMD Radeon graphics technologies.

Samsung will take advantage of the technologies in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In return, the Seoul-based company will pay AMD license fees and royalties.

The two companies did not disclose the size of the deal.

Samsung President Kang In-yup pinned high hopes on the cooperation with AMD.

As we prepare for disruptive changes in technology and discover new opportunities, our partnership with AMD will allow us to bring groundbreaking graphics products and solutions to market for tomorrow’s mobile applications,” said Kang who is in charge of Samsung’s LSI business.

We look forward to working with AMD to accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies that will help take future mobile computing to the next level.”

AMD CEO Lisa Su said that the two-way tie-up will be a win-win solution.

Adoption of our Radeon graphics technologies across the PC, game console, cloud and HPC markets has grown significantly, and we are thrilled to now partner with industry leader Samsung to accelerate graphics innovation in the mobile market,” the CEO said.

This strategic partnership will extend the reach of our high-performance Radeon graphics into the mobile market, significantly expanding the Radeon user base and development ecosystem.”

HPC markets refer to high-performance computer markets.

Samsung Electronics is Korea’s largest corporation by any measure. It is also the world’s biggest manufacturer of smartphones, flat-panel displays, and memory chips.

Short for Advanced Micro Devices, AMD is an American semiconductor company that develops computer processors and related technologies. GlobalFoundries was spun off AMD 10 years ago.

After the spin-off, the former has outsourced its manufacturing. The practice is widely known as fabless.