Samsung's 98-inch 8K QLED TV/Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Korean powerhouse sponsors QLED Summit

Samsung Electronics said June 12 that it sponsored the third edition of the annual QLED Summit, otherwise called the 8K Display Summit, which took place in New York.

The Seoul-based company said the gathering, which was hosted by Insight Media, offered insights into Samsung’s plans for 8K displays and innovations in artificial intelligence technology.

Especially, this year’s meeting was all about 8K with intensive sessions of 8K technology, 8K content ecosystem, and related market situation.

Global manufacturers compete to preempt the market for 8K TV sets. In particular, business bellwether Samsung has channeled its resources to remain ahead of the curve.

Players in the runners-up group including LG Electronics, Sony, and fast-emerging Chinese companies also put forth their efforts to make a splash in the lucrative market.

With the rapid expansion of 5G wireless network technology, 8K display market is expected to make great strides,” said Samsung Director Sonia Chen, who leads the tech giant’s display marketing in the United States.

In particular, it will receive the spotlight among the millennial generation who are familiar with fast internet speed and high-quality image viewing.”

Chris Chinnock, the president of Insight Media, who co-hosted the summit, said that new display technology is just around the corner.

8K display technology is not a future technology – it is here today- and is available to viewers in Japan and other regions,” he said.

unlike some concerns over a lack of 8K content, the development of all technologies and cooperation in the industry are proceeding rapidly. The industry prospects from experts who attended the summit are very positive, too.”

In line with hypes of participants, researchers came up with the experimental results on 8K technology, which they say also affect the end users of TV watchers.

For example, Prof. Park Yung-kyung at Ewha Womans University said, “When we are viewing an ultra-high resolution image, our ability to recognize objects comprehensively tend to increase.”

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