Bixby and its AI voice assistant have started supporting Latin American Spanish as a language option. They have been developed by Samsung Electronics. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Korean tech giant further develops AI voice assistant

Samsung Electronics announced on Nov. 17 that Bixby and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant had started supporting Latin American Spanish as a language option.

Latin American Spanish-speaking Bixby users around the world now have the option to interact with their Samsung Galaxy devices in their local language, according to the Korean tech giant.

Previously, Brazilian Portuguese was the only Latin American language supported by Bixby.

“When Samsung launched Bixby nearly five years ago, we committed to continue improving this intelligent platform with new technologies and key partners that enable more experiences,” Samsung Executive Vice President Kim Young-jip said.

“We are proud to bring Bixby to the millions of people who speak Latin American Spanish, joining the more than 200 million1 people already using Bixby from nearly 400 million2 devices worldwide.”

Bixby is an intelligent voice assistant that helps Samsung Galaxy users navigate their devices and organize their lives, like a real-world personal assistant.

It is designed to help launch apps and settings, remember appointments and tasks, and generally reduce everyday hassles. Bixby can even communicate with others by answering calls, composing messages and more.

“Intelligence depends on the ability to understand and engage with commands, regardless of phrasing. Until now, South and Latin American users had to use European Spanish with Bixby,” a Samsung official said.

“The new support for Latin American Spanish will let them use local dialects, accents, and nuances for more natural interactions with their device.”

The Seoul-based company noted that registered users of Bixby more than doubled over the past few years, surpassing 200 million in 2022.

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