A Samsung Electronics model promotes the company’s oven designed to recommend optimal cooking mode and cooking time based on internal cameras and software. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Bespoke home appliances keep hitting market

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics said on July 12 that it had launched a versatile oven designed to recommend cooking recipes based on artificial intelligence.

This is not the first time for corporations to take advantage of AI-related technologies to help customers cook. Such trends appear to accelerate with the advent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT late last year.

Samsung noted that the product, dubbed Bespoke Oven, was equipped with internal cameras and updatable software to monitor food, and offer optimal cooking settings.

When people plan to cook a recognized dish, the product will come up with the proper cooking mode, temperature, and cooking time, according to the tech giant.

The Seoul-based company said that Bespoke Oven was geared toward recognizing more than 10 dishes, including pizzas, hot dogs, croissants, and instant rice.

Samsung said that such functions were possible thanks to AI vision recognition technology of acquiring and processing images for tasks like detecting colors and counting objects with cameras and software.

The software is automatically updated as the oven is connected to Samsung’s home hub system, dubbed SmartThings.

People are also able to see how their meal is coming along on a real-time basis by viewing inside the oven through a dedicated mobile application.

Available in evening coral and morning blue, the product is priced at $740.

“The number of dishes and ingredients recognized by the oven will continue to increase through periodic software updates,” a Samsung spokesperson said.

“AI-based Bespoke Oven products are slightly different across the world because of the unique cuisines and ingredients of each country.”

During the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021, LG Electronics demonstrated a personalized food and recipe recommendation based on AI, which connected refrigerators with its users.

Back then, LG showed off a smart refrigerator, which checks ingredients to offer recipes and meal recommendations in tandem with the user’s lifestyle.

Many startups across the world also embarked on AI-powered chatbots and recipe assistants for creative cooking this year on the back of ChatGPT.

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