Daesang Group heiress Lim Se-ryung was promoted to Vice Chairman. She is the ex-wife of jailed Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong. Photo courtesy of Daesang Group

Will Lim Se-ryung lead Daesang Group?

South Korea’s food-making group Daesang promoted Lim Se-ryung to vice chairman this week. She is the eldest daughter of Daesang Honorary Chairman Lim Chang-wook.

Daesang said that Lim will take charge of the group’s marketing and strategy divisions.

“We think that Lim is the right person to acquire accurate information about the market trend and carry out the execution for the group’s long-term direction,” a Daesang official said.

By comparison, her sister Lim Sang-min is still senior vice president, and this prompts speculations that the elder sister might assume more prominent roles in the future.

Thus far, Lim Sang-min has been widely expected to head Daesang. She is the biggest shareholder of Daesang Holdings, the holding company of the group.

Vice Chairman Lim’s stake is just 20 percent.

Also of note is that Lim Se-ryung is the ex-wife of imprisoned Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, who is the de-facto chief of the country’s No. 1 conglomerate Samsung Group.

Vice Chairman Lim tied the knot with Lee in 1998, but the two separated in 2009.

After the divorce, she caught the headlines once again as she started dating Lee Jung-jae, an award-winning actor and fashion model.