This photo shows how Samsung Electronics' PD controllers work. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Tech giant comes up with efficient PD controllers

Samsung Electronics developed advanced power delivery (PD) controllers, which is expected to enable people to charge their devices in a more efficient.

The Seoul-based company said May 28 that the new products are the first PD controller in the industry to embed Secure Element, which means an extra layer of security to PD controllers.

The new PD controllers meet the most recent USB specifications for fast-charging that addresses the compatibility and efficiency challenges across different mobile devices as well as other electronics,” a Samsung official said.

Such challenges can cause the device to charge slower than usual or excessively than required that can also compromise the lifecycle of the battery. With the growing need to extend always-on experiences quickly and as more devices adopt USB interfaces for charging and data transmission, efficient and secure fast-charging technologies are expected to benefit consumers through a wide range of applications.”

By supporting up to a 100W capacity, compared to the general smartphone charger’s 10W, the official added that power chargers with Samsung’s PD controllers can be used not only for smartphones but also for tablets, laptops, and monitors.

For additional safety, both chips also provide over-voltage protection,” he said.

Samsung Senior Vice President Ben K. Hur expected that the new products will enrich user experiences.

In addition to smarter features and larger batteries, innovative charging solutions allow us to do more through our mobile devices today. Following this trend, power adapters that can quickly charge devices while establishing safeguards against unauthorized access are increasingly in demand,” he said.

Samsung’s power delivery MM101 and security-enhanced SE8A will not only make charging faster and safer but also enable new services that can enrich tomorrow’s mobile experiences.”

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