Samsung Electronics’ mobile division head Roh Tae-moon poses before announcing the introduction of the Galaxy S22 series in February 2022. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Roh accused of failing to care local customers

Samsung Electronics’s mobile division chief Roh Tae-moon apologized to its employees this week about a software glitch of its recently released smartphone, the Galaxy S22.

During a town hall meeting, Roh apologized for the lack of communication with workers about the problematic application, called the game optimization service (GOS).

The GOS is designed to prevent games from using full computing power, which is necessary to manage the smartphone’s temperature and battery life.

Yet, the GOS on the Galaxy S22 was found to slow down games too much to cause consumer complaints. Samsung recently came up with an update to fix it.

There were movements among Samsung employees to oppose the appointment of new board members, including Roh, during the shareholders’ meeting slated for March 16.

Roh tried to persuade angry employees. But he appears to cause fresh disputes because his apology was toward Samsung Electronics insiders, not end-users.

A Samsung official said that it did not have an immediate plan to make an apology to consumers about the GOX issues.

Watchers point out that Samsung’s response to the GOX case is different from that of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco in 2016.

Back then, the devices burst into flame while charging, which prompted Samsung to terminate the high-end gadgets entirely.

“The Galaxy Note 7 controversies were mostly raised in overseas countries, while the GOS topics were raised mostly in South Korea,” Seoul-based business tracker Leaders Index CEO Park Ju-gun said.

“If Samsung fails to deal with the GOS problem properly, the company may face criticisms that it pays less attention to Korean customers.”

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