Shown above is the Galaxy Book Go Samsung Electronics. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Galaxy Book Go and Galaxy Book Go 5G will be released

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics announced on June 3 that it had introduced the Galaxy Book Go and Galaxy Book Go 5G as its new laptop lineup.

The Seoul-based company said that they would be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon compute platforms.

“PCs continue to enable our digital lives, helping us connect to our friends and family, work remotely, and find outlets for creativity and relaxation,” said Chai Won-cheol, head of Samsung’s Experience Planning Team

“The Galaxy Book Go series is built for today’s mobile-first users who expect seamless communication, sustained productivity, and immersive entertainment—all in one device. With the new addition to the Galaxy Book, Samsung offers wider options to our consumers to choose a device that best fits their needs.”

With the Galaxy Book Go series, Samsung noted that users would be able to enjoy leading mobility with state-of-the-art PC productivity.

The tech giant added that they would further enjoy the Galaxy ecosystem experiences paired with their Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

“Samsung and Qualcomm Technologies continue to collaborate across multiple generations of leading Samsung devices powered by Snapdragon compute platforms.” Qualcomm Senior Vice President Alex Katouzian commented.

“Our shared vision for mobile computing inspires our companies to push the industry forward, and provide a more connected, intelligent and productive experience for consumers. We are proud to enable the Galaxy Book Go series and expand the portfolio of 5G PCs that utilize our cutting-edge technology to deliver what users deserve – across multiple price points.”