Image via Samsung Electronics

Tech giant installs momentous LED displays in heart of New York

Samsung Electronics installed massive five-screen LED displays at the One Times Square building in New York late last month, the tech giant said on June 19.

The Seoul-based company said that the high-end displays measure more than 1,180 square meters when combined.

The displays, which feature center-stage exposure with full motion video, take up the entire front facing panel and reflect some of the most valuable displays in the world, according to Samsung.

We are excited to showcase our LED displays at one of the world’s most renowned destinations,” Samsung Executive Vice President Kim Seog-gi said.

New York’s Times Square is not only a high-traffic location. It is a symbolic center of culture and commerce, making it the ideal place to showcase our leading technology on such a colossal scale.”

One Times Square is the 25-story building situated in the heart of Times Square. Real estate investment firm Jamestown owns the skyscraper.

One Times Square serves as an advertising platform for the world’s most iconic brands,” Jamestown President Michael Phillips said. “Samsung delivers a best-in-class visual experience that will showcase these brands in the highest quality.”

Samsung took advantage of its state-of-the-art technologies to deliver uninterrupted color-uniform content in any setting through the displays.

It also created a video clip to highlight the three-month process of building the displays, showcasing their visual impact and durability that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of flat-panel displays. The outfit is also an iconic subsidiary of Samsung Group, Korea’s largest conglomerate.