The new Galaxy A80 with rotating triple camera/Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Korean firm introduces budget smartphone

On July 1, Samsung Electronics launched the latest model of its budget smartphone, dubbed the new Galaxy A80, available for purchase online and in-stores.

The Seoul-based company said that the phone offers meaningful innovations on a safe and secure platform: Samsung’s first rotating triple camera and the immersive new display.

Galaxy A80 is created for the Era of Live – a world where digital natives are capturing, sharing and connecting in the moment,” Samsung President Koh Dong-jin said. He is the senior executive of the firm, who is in charge of smartphones of the business bellwether.

The latest innovations in the camera, design and performance of Galaxy A80 bring a new mobile experience that fits the needs of today’s generation: always on and always ready.”

Samsung equips Galaxy A80 with rotating triple camera for the first time. The company hopes that the new revolutionary camera will win the hearts and minds of tech-savvy customers.

The rotating triple camera provides the same high-quality lens, front and rear, so you never have to compromise the vividness of your videos and images,” a Samsung official said.

The camera also lets you record footages continuously, no matter if shot on front or back camera, so your memories can be seen in one video.

The official also noted that the new gadget is very versatile.

Whether users are hiking up the mountain during the day or enjoying street food at a night market, Galaxy A80 allows them to take clear and bright photos regardless of day or night with its 48MP main camera,” he said.

Now, with the Ultra Wide Lens with a 123-degree viewing angle, users can be reassured knowing that they can easily photograph or capture and share a live video of everything they see.”