Seen is Samsung 24hr Kitchen Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Electronics giant reveals new design philosophy

Samsung Electronics plans to attend Milan Design Week to show off its design philosophy under the new slogan, “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul,” the firm said on April 9.

On top of the user-centered design philosophy, it will showcase “The Samsung 24hr Kitchen,” which it says “a unique installation that celebrates the renewed centrality of the kitchen as the heart of the home.”

And the electronics giant made no secret of its focus on the millennial generation, or those who were born between 1980 and 2000. The demographic cohort is also known as Generation Y.

Our design philosophy is always inspired by people. With millennials representing a growing demographic and changing the consumer culture in unique ways, Samsung is reinterpreting its user-centered design philosophy in a modern way,” Samsung Executive Vice President Lee Don-tae said.

One way in which millennials show their distinctive lifestyle is how they constantly yearn to discover new things and take on challenges, which calls for bold approach and creative designs. We aim to install our authenticity and emotional resonance into our designs that permeate through people’s daily life.”

Samsung Senior Vice President Harry Choi noted that its 24hr. Kitchen also targets the first generation to come of age in the new millennium.

The kitchen has become a core part of millennial homes. It is the hub of their home, where they cook, eat, and connect with friends and families,” he said.

By showcasing the Samsung 24hr. Kitchen at Fuorisalone, we hope to strengthen the brand power of our built-in kitchen appliances while continuing to develop product innovations for consumers, whose lifestyles are continually evolving.”

Samsung’s Resonance exhibition will continue from April 9 to April 14 in Milan’s Tortona Design District. The Samsung 24hr. Kitchen will open a day earlier through April 14 at Brere Site of Milan. Both are free entry from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.