Shown above is the head office of Samsung Electronics in South Korea. The tech giant has joined forces with Optage, a Japanese service provider, to implement a dedicated private 5G network. Photo courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Two companies plan to build private 5G network

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics recently announced 25 that the company had joined forces with Optage, a Japanese service provider, to implement a dedicated private 5G network.

The Seoul-based company said that this private 5G network would support 4K Ultra HD-based live-streaming videos transmitted from multiple devices, including cameras located throughout the plant.

The video is transmitted to a remote maintenance system, which will be used to conduct site inspections from a control center. 

The tech giant said that this would eliminate the need for technician visits to inaccessible locations and allow early detection of failures, improving productivity, efficiency, and safety at the facility.

“Samsung is proud to leverage our private 5G network solutions to provide a solid foundation for new 5G use cases and services, boosting productivity and safety for various enterprises,” Samsung Vice President Satoshi Iwao said.

“We believe that private 5G networks have immense potential and are ready-made to transform the enterprise landscape. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with OPTAGE to support its private 5G network expansion in Japan.”

Samsung has worked on the delivery of 5G end-to-end solutions, including chipsets, radios, and core.

Through ongoing research and development, the company tries to drive the industry to advance 5G networks with its product portfolio from fully virtualized RAN and Core to private network solutions and AI-powered automation tools.

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