Samsung Electronics temporarily allows its workforce to work four days a week. It remains to be seen whether the measure is a prelude to the tech giant’s full-fledged introduction of a four-day work week system. Photo by Moon Jae-won/UPI News Korea

Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of memory chips and smartphones, will temporarily allow its employees to work four days a week due to the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

The Seoul-based company said Friday that its staffers at consumer electronics and IT & mobile communications divisions can work four days per week through May.

The temporary measure is not a complete four-day work week because employees should work overtime during the four days to meet statutory work hours.

Beginning in early 2019, South Korea enforced a 52-hour workweek, which is composed of 40 hours of regular work and 12 hours of overtime.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung Electronics would continue the four-day work week system beyond this June or reduce the mandatory work hour to introduce a genuine four-day work week system.

Although South Korea is notorious as a workaholic country, a few companies have tried to reduce the weekly working hour.

For example, Biometric technology company Supreme let its employees work four and a half days per week beginning in 2017. The high-tech company opens at 10 am and closes at 2:30 pm every Friday.

Eduwill, an education company, introduced a four-day work week last year to improve efficiency.

We can take a day off every week in line with a monthly schedule, which we have to submit in advance,” an Eduwill official told UPI News Korea.

He said that the shortened weeks led to more efficient meetings and higher productivity.


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