Samsung’s AI research chief Gary Geunbae Lee

Samsung AI research chief explains AI philosophy

The world’s biggest corporations compete head-to-head to remain ahead of the pack in developing artificial intelligence (AI), a leading global future technology trend.

Samsung Electronics is not an exception as Korea’s largest company maintains seven AI centers in five countries of South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Russia.

Although AI is expected to provide a competitive edge for business, it can cause big troubles if it is abused or mishandled. Samsung’s AI research chief Gary Geunbae Lee talked about the issue.

Although AI is meant to improve people’s lives, the possibility of its abuse cannot be ignored, so ethical compliance is very important,” Lee said.

There are three ethics that Samsung follows in regards to AI – fairness, accountability, and transparency.”

He said that the development or use of AI should not result in discrimination or prejudice. Hence, he stressed that Samsung assumes total responsibility for the technology and maintains transparency in its data collection and management process.

Another big topic is privacy.

Samsung greatly prioritizes data security and privacy. We adhere to all the related laws and regulations on data security, including the GDPR1 in Europe. We are working toward implementing technology that detects security vulnerabilities in our AI codes to ensure our customers can use AI-enabled products and services safely,” he said.

At the same time, we are incorporating AI into our security software to develop identification capabilities that will provide further peace of mind for users.”

Lee added that the final goal of Samsung in developing AI is about adding value to consumers’ lives thanks to the integration of AI into their everyday products and services.


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