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Korean outfit to strengthen neural processing capabilities

Samsung Electronics plans to beef up its neural processing unit (NPU) capabilities so as to extend the reach of its artificial intelligence solution, the tech giant said on June 18.

Along the way, the Seoul-based company strives to create more than 2,000 jobs over the next 10 years, which is some 10 times the current headcount.

In addition, the world’s largest memory chip maker will strengthen its collaboration with authoritative research institutes and universities to nurture future talent in deep learning and neural processing.

For the coming age of AI, Samsung is committed to delivering industry-leading advancements brought to life by our NPU technologies,” Samsung President Kang In-yup said.

As we leverage our differentiated technology, close partnerships with global institutes, and active investment in top talent, we are excited to take future AI processing capabilities to the next level.”

In fact, Samsung has put forth great efforts to secure competitiveness in AI-based semiconductors.

Last year, the outfit introduced its first NPU in the premium mobile processor and plans to continue offering advanced on-device AI features for high-performance mobile chips.

The company hopes to expand the application of its advanced AI technologies to other lucrative areas including automotive processors and big data processing.

The firm’s R&D arm also vies to extend and evolve its NPU research into new AI hardware technologies. Included in its ambitious goals is to develop futuristic processors, which operate at the level of a human brain.

Early last month, Samsung announced the expansion of its AI lab in Canada’s Montreal to strengthen its fundamentals in AI research and drive competitiveness in system semiconductors.

The AI lab will focus on unsupervised learning and generative adversarial networks research to come up with innovations and breakthrough technology.

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