Samsung Electronics discloses its Onyx screen in Australia at HOYTS Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Sydney. Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

State-of-the-art facilities disclosed in Australia

Samsung Electronics took the wraps off its Onyx screen in Australia at HOYTS Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, Sydney, the tech giant recently said.

The Seoul-based company said that the new installment features its latest 14-meter Onyx cinema LED screen. Another 10-meter Onyx screen will be set up in Melbourne next month.

As the cinema landscape continues to evolve globally, theaters are looking for new ways to enhance the movie-going experience,” Samsung Senior Vice President Ha Hye-seung said.

With Onyx, we are aiming to provide our entertainment partners and their customers a visual experience unlike any other.”

The executive added that Samsung pins much hype on the partnership with HOYTS, a leader in the show business with more than 50 cinema locations in Australia and New Zealand.

HYOTS Group CEO Damian Keogh also expressed his excitement over the alliance with Samsung.

We are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the game and provide our guests with something unexpected,” he said.

That is why we are leading the way and incorporating Australia’s first Onyx Cinema LED screens into our cinemas. These screens are a total game-changer, providing a movie and entertainment experience unlike anything our guests have seen before.”

Samsung’s Onyx cinema LED screens offers an unprecedented level of picture quality, and peak brightness level, which is almost 10 times greater than the previous norm, according to the firm.

Observers point out that the launch of the new screen will help Samsung improve its competitiveness.

“It seems that Samsung continues to expand its business horizon in the new promising areas,” a Seoul analyst said.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s biggest manufacturer of flat-panel displays, memory chips, and smartphones.