Samyang Corp. CEO Kang Ho-sung, left, holds an agreement with Nono Tim chief Choi Yoon-sung after agreeing to cooperate in the development of eco-friendly substances for electric cars at the head office of Nono Tim in Daejeon on Feb. 20. Photo courtesy of Samyang Corp.

Two firms will cooperate to churn out biological materials for EVs

South Korea’s Samyang Corp. announced on Feb. 22 that it had joined forces with local start-up Nano Tim to develop eco-friendly materials for electric vehicles.

The Seoul-based company noted that they would come up with various automotive components, including thermal interface materials.

Samyang, which churns out chemicals, plastics, and foodstuffs, strives to jack up the production of biological materials from such plants as corn.

The substances would be used to produce interior components of electric cars and heat management systems for lithium-ion batteries, according to Samyang.

In fact, this is not the first time for Samyang to tap into the new-type substances. Late last year, the outfit started production of isosorbide based in starch.

They are designed to work as adhesives for electric motors.

“We plan to take advantage of our isosorbide for the joint projects with Nano Tim. As the material is biodegradable, we will be able to develop new substances to replace petrochemical-based ones,” a Samyang official said.

Founded in 2016, Nano Tim has provided heat management materials for the Ioniq 5 and the EV6. The former is the electric car of Hyundai Motor, while the latter is that of Kia.

“Globally, the demand for eco-friendly materials in EVs is going up. In line with such trends, Samyang will extend the portfolio of eco-friendly substances,” Samyang CEO Kang Ho-sung said.

“Such works are also in tandem with our ESG management principle.”

Brief for Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance, ESG refers to the three major factors in gauging the sustainability of a corporation or business.

Over the past several years, many corporations and organizations have attempted to adopt ESG as their major management principle both at home and abroad.

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