What would have probably felt Kara Ben Nemsi, the Hero of the Oriental novels of Karl May, if he had stood on the shore of Dukan lake? He probably would have been over the turquoise water and the rolling hills in the North of Iraq pleased and had rested a short time, a little of his adventures.

But of course, such a scene is as well thought out as the character from the books of a dazzling writer and a high-lift truck. And in addition, it has the lake, which looks from the air like a Christmas Tree, to the time of Karl may’s books at the end of the 19th century. Century is not given.

Because of the Dukansee in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan created by people. The water surface area of about 270 square kilometers, was built in the fifty years ago, the Little Zab, a river of the northeast of the main meanders lake through the countryside, was taut. Therefore, the lake is divided in two parts: In the North it runs through winding, sometimes narrow gorges, which form the connection to the Little Zab to see in the picture above on the right. In the South, the open surface of the lake dominated.


The Dukansee plays a crucial role for the Region. His dam is together with the darbandi Chan-dam is the only dam in the province of Sulaimanija and for the power supply is important. For turbines and about hundred-Meter-high dam wall.

But also for the water supply in the Region, it is of importance. He has a storage volume of almost seven million cubic meters – a part of which comes from another river, the Hizop. Both waters are strongly influenced by rainfall and getautem snow. Therefore, the water varied in level of the lake. In the spring, it reaches its maximum, and in summer it decreases.

in Addition, the Dukansee is far more than just a convenient Pond. For the people, he is a popular day-trip destination. Many tourists use it for bathing, for a picnic on the shore or a boat tour. It is a perfect place to have a rest.

Gerst recording from the Dukansee

Soon there will be a further opportunity to Rest for the weary heroes à la Kara Ben Nemsi. Because a real estate company is building on the shores of the lake, a luxury holiday village. In the Dukan Lake Resort you can spend your time in Hotels, Restaurants, or cinemas, and Casinos – a multi-billion project.

comes While the upper recording from a Nasa earth observation satellite “Landsat 8”, took pictures of the lower, enlarged photo, by the way, Alexander Gerst. The German Astronaut has made it in December, just before his time was expired on the International space station and he began the journey home.


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