For many, Christmas romantics the ideal: The dam of the 24’s it. To spend December in a cottage by the fireplace, the best stands in the midst of a lonely nature. If outside let it snow, the picture is perfect.

Such conditions are found in Central Europe, is increasingly rare – after all, even large parts of the Alps, no longer lonely and no longer snow. But today we want to introduce you to a island where you are guaranteed a pretty wonderful Christmas, would experience: South Georgia.

The 160-kilometre-long and up to 30 kilometres wide, the island guarantees complete solitude and with the snow it might work, as this satellite image shows, published by the European space Agency Esa is now. South Georgia lies in the southern hemisphere, and actually, the summer is a high. But the falls here, a little frosty.


however, you should schedule some time for the arrival. Because there are not very many regions on the planet that are worse. South Georgia, the part of the island group of the South sandwich Islands, located in the Middle of the South Atlantic ocean, between Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic. To the coast of Argentina, it is around 1400 kilometers. You could be one of approximately 60 ship passages to use to reach the island annually. Or you can Charter a yacht on the Falkland Islands or in South America.

South Georgia, 1775 James Cook discovered, is part of the British overseas territory – meaning you could pay with British pounds. If you could buy something. Because the range of shopping options to be rather sparse, there is a lack of easy to population. South Georgia island is almost uninhabited, only two officials from the government office spouses are to year-round life on the island. To some scientists, the record on research stations King Edward Point, the Flora and Fauna.

That is not to say, however, that there were no leisure offers. If you have a penchant for harsh and barren landscapes, icy cold and demanding to alpine forced marches, then you could go to the mountainous country of the interior, or to the rise of the almost 3000 Meter high Mount Paget.


anyone Who has some culture left over, you can even visit an exhibition. The South Georgia Museum has to offer exhibits on the history of the seal – and whale-hunting. It is in the now abandoned settlement of Grytviken, a former whaling station – in fact, the whole place is a Museum.

In summer, lives in the 1916-built Museum houses also some of the employees, they make up the Rest of the slightly more than two dozen island residents. Visitors, there is also, occasionally, they come mainly from cruise ships that make a Stop here.

those Who opt for a trip that should have an interest in the animal world. Because the largest Population is on South Georgia which is about five million seals, as well as 65 million birds, such as the giant Alba count hawser. Also, whales can be observed. In addition, there is a commemorative site for a famous personality, who is buried here.

Church in the abandoned settlement of Grytviken

The legendary British Discovered Ernest Shackleton, whose research ship anno 1915 had been crushed in the Antarctic ice, had reached the island in an open lifeboat to organize help for his Crew. His last Expedition, in 1922, led him once again to Grytviken, where he suffered a heart attack. To him, the Shackleton’s Memorial Cross reminds.

finally, maybe a little Christmas tip: In Grytviken a small Church, the Whalers Church. They had once brought in parts from Norway here. As the place was inhabited, and the Church fairs were held, it was regarded as the southernmost Church in the world. After Grytviken leave and it was still in the house of God, is the southernmost well in Puerto Williams, in Chile.

Therefore, also the white building with the yellow cross in Grytviken, in the meantime, a testimony of times long past. It was dedicated to the Whalers Church at Christmas in the year 1913.


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