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read The violence of the regime of crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s women’s rights activists. According to the state-ordered murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accuse the Saudi crown Prince now, prominent Activists and their male comrades-in-arms in the prison to torture and emotionally abuse.

six months ago, arrested Activists, in the detention center Dhahban are locked up near the port city of Jeddah, with electric shocks and with cables and beaten they were beaten. Their masked tormentors had forced her way, hugged or kissed, and for a week in Isolation on a hitherto unprecedented cruelty of the regime, critical of women – even for Saudi Arabia. A female prisoners have on several occasions tried to take his own life. Other could not properly hold on the legs or suffered from violent Trembling of their hands, said Amnesty.

on top of that, scratches and reddened areas of the face and the hand were in the Victims ‘ joints to see. At least one activist has been suspended during the interrogation at the ceiling of the room. “I was in prison, but no one has done to me something like this,” said Manal al-Sharif, who now lives in Australia and last year a book about her fight for women’s rights in Saudi-published Arabia. “This is a huge shift and really shocking.”

Detained from terrorist tribunals

The human rights organizations rely on their explosive allegations on multiple witness statements, obtained according to the Washington Post from the Dhahban prison itself, as well as from the personal environment of the tortured women and men. “Only a few weeks after the cold-blooded murder of Jamal Khashoggi, this shocking show reports on torture, sexual Assault and other forms of ill-treatment, if they should prove true, more outrageous human rights violations of the Saudi government,” said Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty Director for the Middle East.

at Least four women and five men, had fought for years against the systematic discrimination of women in Saudi Arabia, were arrested in may, four weeks before the end of the Royal ban on driving for women. This group includes, among other things, the 29-year-old Loujain al-Hathloul, who had previously been from Saudi agents with violence from the United Arab Emirates brought back, as well as the Emeritus Professor of king Saud University and the mother of five adult children, Aziza al-Yousef.

Four more Activists, one of them is Samar Badawi, sister of the last six years imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi, arrived in June and August behind bars. A Protest tweets against the detention of Chrystia Freeland, the foreign Minister of Canada, where Raif neighbours objecting to wife and three children live in exile, triggered at the instigation of Mohammed bin Salman, a diplomatic rift between Riyadh and Ottawa. The canadian Ambassador has been expelled, the Saudi chief of mission from Canada deducted.

All detained women’s rights activists and their male supporters to be placed in front of one of the notorious terrorist courts, where prison sentences of up to 20 years threaten. However, to date there is no official indictment. For loyal to the government Newspapers printed in a state-organised smear campaign your photos with red stamping “traitor” across the face.

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