The U.S. government wants to identify, according to President Donald Trump in the coming days, the person responsible for the violent death of the government is critical of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A “full report” on “who did it”, would be brought on Monday or Tuesday at the conclusion, Trump said.

On Friday, had reported the Washington Post and the New York Times, the US secret service, CIA, Saudi Arabia’s De facto ruler, crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Khashoggis murder in order. US President, Donald Trump talked on the phone on Saturday with CIA Director Gina reel, and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

trump’s Statement, US state Department spokeswoman Heather, the U.S. Nauert said to the Report, the government have taken in the case, still no “definitive conclusion”. Many questions are still open. The US government work, therefore, with other States, to draw the Parties accountable. Meanwhile, the important strategic relationship between the U.S. and Saudi going to get “Arabia”.

Trump had stressed on Saturday the importance of the relationship to the government in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia was a “really spectacular ally”, who had brought his country “many Jobs” and “economic development,” he said. As US President he would have to take account of the “many things”.

Khashoggi, who had last worked as a columnist for the Washington Post, was on 2. October disappeared after he had entered Saudi Arabia Consulate in Istanbul. After weeks of denials, Saudi Arabia had admitted, under international pressure, finally, that Khashoggi came into the Consulate to death, but first of all, as a result of a dispute. Later, the government in Riyadh gave, indirectly, that Khashoggi agents of the Kingdom, was intentionally killed.

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