The U.S. Senate has made frontally against the course of President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia. In a Thursday Resolution adopted by the Trumps Republican party called Congress chamber dominated by the powerful crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as “responsible for the murder” of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump questioned the involvement of the powerful heir to the throne of the crime.

Khashoggi was gone at the beginning of October, when he wanted to pick up in the saudia Arabian Consulate in Istanbul documents. His body has since disappeared. The Saudi Royal house has rejected any involvement in the crime. The Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom has charged eleven Suspects.

The Senate also called for in another Resolution, an end to U.S. support for the saudi Arabian military intervention in the civil war in Yemen. Both the US and the UK intelligence information, and train pilots.

the house of representatives has yet to decide

It is the first Time that the Senate positions in the foreign policy in such a way clearly against Trump. Trump represents the participation of the heir to the killing Khashoggis in question – and thus probably the findings of the CIA. The US secret service, according to media reports, with “medium to high security”, the crown Prince, the killing of the government-critical journalists Khashoggi on 2. October was arranged in the saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul.

Trump wants to maintain its close partnership with Saudi Arabia. He argues, among other things, with the US defence businesses. The Trump-government unites, also, with Riad in a common Front against Iran, the support in the Yemeni civil war, the Shiite Houthi rebels.

The Senate adopted a Resolution on Yemen conflict is still in need of the adoption by the house of representatives, it will not advise you prior to January. Trump could also load a Veto against the Resolution. It has, therefore, primarily symbolic in character.


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