In the case of the killing of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi seems to have been a DoppelgangeR. The television channels CNN and TRT reported on Monday, the footage from surveillance cameras showed a man Disappear after Khashoggis the saudi Arabian Consulate in whose clothes leave. The Turkey wanted to present on Tuesday, Details on the fate of Khashoggis.

Khashoggi was last seen alive seen as he at the 2. October, the saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul is entered, the documents for his planned wedding to pick up. Saudi Arabia admitted on the weekend, after many denials, Khashoggi had come during a “fist fight” in the Consulate were killed. 18 Suspects had been taken into custody. In contrast, the government wrote close to Turkish media, the columnist for the “Washington Post” had been killed by a hit squad. The body still hasn’t shown up.

CNN showed footage of the alleged Khashoggi-double and quoted by the Turkish authorities with information that the man had belonged to a saudi Arabian Team that had been sent for an assassination attempt on Khashoggi to Istanbul. The DoppelgangeR went through the back entrance of the Consulate with an accomplice outside. The man then took a Taxi to the famous Sultan Ahmed mosque, where he had his clothes off in a public toilet Khashoggis clothes.

Also, the Turkish state channel reported TRT, that a man who went to the Consulate, have left the building in the clothing of the Killed.

In addition, the government reported close to the Turkish newspaper “Yeni Safak,” a man from the Wake of the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman had called at the time of Khashoggis four Times Disappear from the Consulate to the office of the chief of the princes. A source the newspaper did not name. Pro-government Newspapers in Turkey have repeatedly published information about the death Khashoggis – apparently using intelligence services.

reaction from Jared Kushner

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded enlightenment. “Why did these 15 people here? Why were arrested 18 people? All of this must be explained in all Details“, he said and announced Tuesday in a speech before members of his ruling party, he will mention Details of the Turkish investigation into the operations at the Consulate.

The Saudi Royal family condolences Khashoggis son. Both crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman as king Salman had called Salah Khashoggi and her condolences for the death of his father, expresses, reported by the state Saudi news Agency SPA. The saudi Arabian foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir told Fox News, what is to be done with Khashoggi in the Consulate, was a “rogue operation” and a “huge and serious mistake”. Those responsible would be held accountable.

The White house in the fall, according to presidential adviser Jared Kushner a wait-and-see attitude. To follow the development of the killing of journalists very closely, said the son-in-law of President Donald Trump on Monday.

“We get the facts from multiple places, and if these facts are there, the Minister of foreign Affairs with our national security team, to help us to decide what we want to believe, what we think is credible and what we believe to be credible,” said Kushner to the television channel CNN. “We have to open our eyes wide,” he said.

Merkel confirmed weapons-stop

On Monday were interrogated for five Turkish Consulate employees, as Turkish media reported. A total of 28 employees of the saudi Arabian Consulate should statements, both Turks and foreigners. Some Turkish workers had already declared previously, that had been applied at the time of Khashoggis Disappearance does not appear to work.

However, Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser announced that he would not participate in a scheduled for this week investors conference in Saudi Arabia. Siemens had been in Saudi Arabia is always a reliable Partner. But now the truth must be found out and justice to be done,“ wrote Kaeser on LinkedIn.

Angela Merkel has, in turn, confirms in turn that there are going to be without a clear understanding of the circumstances of his death Khashoggis no German arms exports more to Saudi Arabia. The Chancellor has called the incidents an election meeting in the Hessian town of Ortenberg on Monday a “monstrosity”.

“That must be solved. As long as this doesn’t get solved, there are no arms exports to Saudi Arabia. I say to you quite explicitly,“ stressed Angela Merkel. Merkel had declared the arms export stop on Sunday evening.

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