Shown above is the logo of Seoul-based design group Sawol. The company announced its plan to tap into the business related to startups as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises. Photo courtesy of Sawol

South Korean studio tries to diversify business portfolio

Sawol, a South Korean design group, announced on Dec. 2 that the company would venture into businesses for startups as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Seoul-based company said it strives to expand its business horizon by tapping into the new business segments.

Thus far, Sawol has worked chiefly for entertainers or music acts, who want to upload quality video clips on such video streaming sites as YouTube.

Included in its customers are singer Sul Woon-do, broadcaster Baik Woon-ki, and girl group Botobass formed by WKS ENE last year.

In particular, Sawol’s founding CEO Kim Sang-seon picked singer Sul as a highly successful case.

“Sul launched his YouTube channel midway through 2019. But the number of subscribers was a mere 3,000 after operating the channel over a year,” Kim said.

“After we took charge of the channel, fans started to gather. Now, the number of subscribers stands at some 150,000 so that the channel can make money.”

Kim said that Sawol strives to come up with a win-win strategy for startups and SMEs.

“Many small-sized corporations have outstanding products. But a vast majority of them cannot afford to make video clips for letting customers know their items,” Kim said.

“We can help them so that they will be able to find ways to increase their turnovers and profits.”

Kim studied in Japan and established Sawol last year. The main producer of the company is Hwang Ah-reum.