The AfD-politician André Poggenburg must hold for two years, no political party offices. The decided of the Federal Executive of the party, as a Board member Gottschalk said. The Saxony-Anhalt state Parliament member and former group Chairman, was irritated a lot of people at a party of friends previously with pithy sayings on Twitter. First, the “Magdeburger volksstimme” about it.

the name validly published had written in the short message service Twitter on new year’s eve: “The citizens of our national community a healthy, peaceful and Patriotic 2019!” Gottschalk said afterwards: “This is a desperate attempt to gain attention in a personally hopeless Situation. That doesn’t change the fact: This choice of words is unacceptable.” Poggenburg is the Chairman of the AfD in the castle district. He can lock against the posts in front of the AfD-the land court of arbitration in Saxony-Anhalt actions.

After several controversial Speeches was entered the name validly published in March 2018 internal pressure as a party and parliamentary leader in Saxony – Anhalt. Later it came to differences of opinion between him and other leading members of the legal national “wing” in the AfD. Its best-known representatives of the Thuringian state chief Björn Höcke.


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