The alleged perpetrators are German, and 29, 32 and 50 years old. The the state of Saxony has, after the attack on an AfD office in Döbeln informed. They had been taken on Thursday evening. The state protection is reported to be a politically motivated act. More to the behind reasons not yet known.

On Thursday evening exploded in front of the office of the party in Döbeln according to police, an unknown substance. The building in which the office is created according to police sources, considerable damage to the door, the shutters and the Window glass. No one was hurt.

In the office, promotional materials caught fire. The fire could be extinguished by the fire brigade. By the Explosion of the neighbouring building and two parked vans were damaged as well.

The three suspects were questioned on Friday. The Saxon Ministry of the interior praised the “rapid and important success”.

“bad for democracy”

Saxony, SPD leader and Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig convicted, however, of the fact. For the attack there was “no legitimacy”, wrote Dulig on Twitter. Violence does not belong to the means of democracy. “This attack will help the AfD and harm the democracy,” he warned. “The AfD must politically be fought and not with an explosive device.”

In Saxony, there had been in the past weeks and months, repeated attacks on the party offices of the AfD in various cities. People came to harm. The attack on the AfD office in Döbeln represents, according to the LKA “in this respect, a peculiarity, as due to the induced Explosion, the damage of people aware”.


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