Models of Standard Chartered Bank Korea promote its high interest-rate bank account, which offers special benefits to new customers. Photo courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank Korea

SC Cheil My Zoom provides generous benefits

Standard Chartered (SC) Bank Korea tries to attract customers with its account, dubbed SC Cheil My Zoom, which bears a high interest rate and offers special benefits to new clients.

To enjoy the benefits, people have to create an SC Cheil My Zoom account by the end of May and maintain a certain balance for the next three months, according to the lender on April 23.

For example, those who keep a balance of more than 10 million won during the three months after opening the account will receive a Shinsegae Department Store gift card worth 20,000 won.

In case the amount goes up to 30 million won, 50 million won, 100 million won, 300 million won, 500 million won, and 1 billion won, the value of gift cards will rise to 60,000 won, 100,000 won, 200,000 won, 600,000 won, 1 million won, and 2 million won, respectively.

Customers need to apply for the promotion via the SC Bank Korea website or mobile banking application.

On top of the promotion, customers can enjoy a lottery event. Per 50 million won a client has in his or her account balance, an extra chance is given to take part in the raffle.

LG televisions will be delivered to three lucky customers, while five will be able to get LG vacuum cleaners. The winners will be announced midway through September.

SC Cheil My Zoom account debuted in 2017 to win the hearts and minds of people. Even if a customer deposits just a single day, the account offers interests.

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