Models of Standard Chartered Bank Korea promote its high interest-rate bank account, which offers special benefits for six months. Photo courtesy of SC Bank Korea

New customers can enjoy up to 3.6% rate for 6 months

Standard Chartered (SC) Bank Korea announced on April 17 that it had launched an event of offering high interest rates for new customers throughout the next month.

The Seoul-based lender promises up to 3.6 percent of interest rates per annum for new clients, who sign up for the “Jae-il EZ Account,” even if they deposit funds just a single day.

Those who want to enjoy the benefits will have to visit SC Bank Korea to open the aforementioned accounts by May 31, according to the bank.

The EZ account basically guarantees a 2.6 percent interest rate. And newcomers can savor a bonus rate of 1 percent during the following six months.

Plus, they will not have to pay commissions for funds transfer through mobile/internet banking services or fund withdrawals through ATMs under certain conditions.

There will be extra perks as newcomers can get presents through a lottery. Those whose bank balance is higher than 1 million won are qualified for the lucky draw.

For every additional 1 million won balance, their chance of winning the gifts will increase.

SC Bank Korea also said that its money market deposit account would pledge a 3-percent special interest rate for three months to new customers.

The balance should be somewhere between 30 million won and 2 billion won. In case the customer cannot abide by the minimum balance of 30 million won during the period, the basic interest rate would be applied.

“After we jacked up the basic interest rate of our EZ account to 2.6 percent, people have rushed to us. As a result, the total balance has topped 1 trillion won,” an SC Bank official said.

“We will come up with a variety of products so that our customers can deposit their extra cash in convenient ways.”