Before she trotted to the North curve, they formed a circle. The hands on each other’s shoulders, also mascot Erwin to hear. More, always more, even if we have already lost again, this Time 1:2 against Bayer Leverkusen. Somehow it must sound. What to say already currently at FC Schalke 04. The table screams enough already, Schalke with 15 points in 14th place, just one point above the relegation places of the Bundesliga.

Sometime during the first half of the season, Domenico Tedesco reckoned that Schalke have come cutting to a similar points as in the last Bundesliga season, which ended on the second place with 63 points. It is only five defeats for the season opener out should be expected. Who exactly is the after the age of 16. Round makes, on a average of 1.36 points. Because Werder Bremen is available as a table in ninth place better, all the games included.

The conclusion is: Tedesco was wrong, Schalke plays a miserable season and poor football.

As the fireworks, a spectacular supporting programme rounded off the end of the closely with Schalke linked to coal mining, burning up was Domenico Tedesco in the pit of the Arena. “This feels bad,” he said of the overall situation, “negative, disappointing”. Encouragement helps in such situations, and he got from Christian Heidel. He found it hard, said the Manager to ask a coach question, the “four months ago we all celebrated”.


encouragement he had received in the circle, shoulder-to-shoulder. “It’s cool when you hear them cheer us on as coach the team up.” The players, Tedesco, had told him in a circle that “they could not do more”. He and his “Staff” wanted to do more. “We have a super unit,” said Tedesco. “This back cover does a good one hundred percent, I would you like to pay back with points. It doesn’t hurt then even more when it succeeds.”

On the last round of the first half of the season takes Schalke VfB Stuttgart, where Markus Weinzierl trained. Tedesco’s predecessor, has been granted a leave of absence after a season, (after five defeats at the start) on the tenth ended. About the Trainer decides to Schalke of the Board of Directors, in the case of blueberry. Across the Board, in turn, the Supervisory Board decides. The Boss Clemens Tönnies is likely to become more receptive for the always well-intentioned advice of consultants, who are also friends, and their opinions in a large-circulation newspaper spread. Heidels transfer balance sheet and Tedesco’s points of yield will make it increasingly difficult to find arguments for the sporty line.

“We have top defending forward”

The coach is struggling. He is worried about the team to Schalke, his wife, if they take the daughter’s car. “To me, I’m not Worried about that. I’m relatively indifferent.”

These rates fell in the press conference, in Inglese, it was held that Schalke have played badly, haphazardly. “Maybe I have a Royal blue pair of glasses, but I think that we played well,” he said in a floor below in a smaller round. “Brave”, was his team, not what I wanted “with the head through the wall”, the counter-hedging was a “top,” “we have top defending forwards”. There are many, find the one made with Royal blue glasses other observations are expected.

Domenico Tedesco is more convinced to be credible by his Staff and his team. He believes in the circle, shoulder-to-shoulder, buddy-and grafters mentality, in the future, with more healthy strikers. He believes also, and especially, to those who are relatively indifferent: “The criticism is legitimate. Whether I agree with you, then.”

Schalke 04 – Bayer Leverkusen 1:2 (1:2)
0:1 Dragovic (26.)
0:2 Alario (35.)
1:2 Wright (45.+1)
Schalke: ferryman – Caligiuri, Sané, Nastasic, Oczipka – Schöpf (71.Konoplyanka) , Stambouli, Bentaleb (54. Serdar), Harit – McKennie, Wright (54. Skrzybski)
Leverkusen: Hradecky – Wise, Tah, Dragovic (60. Jedvaj), Wendell – Kohr, Baumgartlinger – Bellarabi (89. S. Bender), Havertz, Bailey Alario (70. Volland)
Deniz Aytekin
audience: 61.548
Yellow cards: Harit, Stambouli, Serdar, McKennie / Bellarabi, Baumgartlinger, Hradecky, Wise

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