they went together on trips and visited Casinos in Las Vegas, but for your expensive Hobby, you needed the money. Their cash for your game passion, have cheated two nuns of her Catholic school in California, and in the past few years, around 500,000 dollars.

sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and sister Lana Chang had served over the years in school fees and donations to the Saint James school in the greater Los Angeles, told your order. The Lack of money was discovered during a routine audit.

bills for their trips and casino visits should you have partially settled via the account of the school, said a lawyer for the school, according to multiple media reports. In addition, you have to have the cheque paid school fees to a different account redirected.

Kreuper was for 29 years the Director of the Saint James school in Torrance. Chang was there for 20 years a teacher. Both should be very good Friends. They went in this year, in retirement.

money over more than ten years under the beat

In the case of a book test after their farewell from school, the Lack of money was discovered, as the Archdiocese of Los Angeles announced. The two nuns under the money beat, therefore, over a period of more than ten years. The police was switched on. The Archdiocese announced that it would occur as a secondary applicant.

The order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet said the two women had admitted their misconduct. The order apologized to the families of the students and announced that the school repay the money.

school pastor Michael Meyers wrote in a letter to the parents of the students, the two nuns would repent of their deeds “deeply” and “forgiveness and prayers” to ask. “You and your religious pray, that you have not lost confidence in the educators and the management of the school.” The pastor assured, the quality of the education will not have suffered from the embezzlement of funds.


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