“A school is like the magnifying glass of society.” This quote just goes nationwide by the press. It comes from the managing Director of a Berlin Waldorf school, the College has decided that the child of a senior AfD politician to refuse.

The managing Director has the right and, therefore, this decision is inconsistent. Schools burning glasses, no bulwarks. The policy, which would be some lock out is long. Nationwide, principals, teachers, students, parents sympathize with the AfD. She sits in all the country days, and in the Bundestag.

Why a school should exclude a single child for his parents? The image may be used. Waldorf schools have been trying, for years, the stamp to get rid of, a refuge for parents and teachers with right-wing views.

It may feel just because of the AfD-politician, teacher intimidate elsewhere, in a targeted manner. Also at the Berlin Waldorf school, many parents and teachers feel that the political contradictions of the said father, apparently as a threat.

teachers may be represented controversial opinions

Nevertheless, we must face up to the daily dispute: What values are important to us? What separates us, what holds us together? How can we face the intolerance? These are the things we have to negotiate again and again, not only in the Bundestag, also in the schools.

This is tedious and time-consuming, many teachers are not prepared poorly, and prefer to avoid the conflict. This is the easier way, but it is the wrong one. We need to argue fairly and constructively, particularly in the schools, to leave children and young people with a Mature attitude.

That teacher may Express no opinion, is a misunderstanding. You can’t catch with your view. And you must stand for the free democratic basic order. As long as you follow both, may also be represented by a teacher is quite controversial opinions – even in the classroom.

The Berlin Waldorf school leaves this important exchange now. And the AfD can stage again as the victim of a hostile majority society. This is a point of victory they didn’t deserve that.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.