12.350 dollars for a main stream movie that is in the USA an underground grossing. Til Schweiger’s dramedy “Head Full of Honey”, the US version of “honey in the head”, and is accordingly, after the Start of the 30. November is also already out of the theaters disappeared.

From the magazine “Bunte” has expressed Schweiger for the first time to his Flop. In a on tomorrow, Thursday, published the Interview, he is defiant. Although the Film in the USA was not quite as obvious to his audience, says Schweiger: “The people have laughed, cried, clapped and remained at the end of a long sitting.” And: “The reactions were in Germany the same.” Here, seven million viewers watched the German Version of “honey in the head”.

In the “Head Full of Honey” takes on Nick Nolte in the role of Dieter Hallervorden German Version

Schweiger regrets in the “Colorful”Interview failure: “Unfortunately, the Numbers were not good enough to move to the distributors and producers, Warner Brothers, the so-called platform-Start to expand. The devastating reviews will not have helped.” The reviews for “Head Full of Honey” were, in fact, merciless.

Possibly the movie with Nick Nolte and Matt Dillon in the main will roll now to a streaming service sold. The Deutschland start on 21. March recorded, according to Schweiger.


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