In Scotland have miscalculated archaeologists in the assessment of an allegedly ancient stone circle – for several thousand years. A stone formation in the parish of Leochel-Cushnie is a report by the “BBC” according to, for example, only 20 years old.

archaeologists have described, therefore, the stone circle, with a so-called “peace stone” as authentic – until the man has discovered who built it.

According to the “BBC” is the former owner of the country. He informed the authority that he had built the stone formation in the late nineties.

Neil Ackermann, employees of a public authority for the historically and archaeologically significant sites in the area, called this turn, according to the report “disappointing”. According to him, these rock formations are dated difficult to.


He hoped that she would still continue to find attention. Even if the stone circle was not very old, was he in a fantastic landscape, in which he would be a wonderful fit.

circles with a recumbent stone, the so-called “Recumbent Stone Circles” have been erected in front of about 3500 to 4500 years ago and are mainly found in the North-East of Scotland.

What makes the stone circles of this type especially, is, according to the authority of the horizontal stone, flanked by two upright stones. Usually this stone is located between the southwest and Southeast of the stone circle. It should just give a hundred such formations.


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