The attorney general of the court of appeal of Paris Catherine Champrenault has denounced this Saturday, the “coup of force” against the magistrates and police, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and its activists during raids Tuesday in the home of the leader of BIA, and at the headquarters of the party.

“I bring my support to magistrates and policemen who have suffered a coup de force,” said the magistrate, on Europe 1, pointing to an attempt to “obstruct the action of justice”. “I think I know that a police officer has filed a complaint, magistrates and police officers were shocked. No one is above the law”, she added.

In a scene filmed by journalists, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had called his loved ones to “kick the door” to enter on the premises of its movement, where a search was in progress. He then shoved a prosecutor and a police officer who interfered.

“If mr. Mélenchon had arrived all alone and quietly, there would have been no problem for access to the premises of his party”, she added. But, accompanied by activists, and members of BIA, “he wanted to go in force”, and “it is because we could not filter it as a result of this physical pressure on the door, that we did not miss Mr. Mélenchon because we could not let pass the group,” she explained.

Not “green light” by the department

Catherine Champrenault has also ensured that the ministry of Justice had not been informed of the raids: “we don’t go up before the facts are of the past”. While the boss of the France insubordinate denounced Friday as “a police operation type of anti-terrorism”, the magistrate justified the scale of the device: “there were several dozens of police officers, which is normal because there were fifteen raids”.

It has also justified that the investigation remains in its preliminary stage, under the aegis of the floor. The opening of a judicial investigation, entrusted to the investigative judges, would be for the time being “disproportionate”, she says, because “we are not yet to the indices serious and concordant”.

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While Jean-Mélenchon has asked for the “cancellation of the search, and the restitution of all that has been taken”, the magistrate announced that the computers had been delivered “yesterday evening (Friday)” and ensured that “only those documents relevant to the offences that we seek” will be operated and put into the procedure.

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