At the security conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, Canada, hackers can let off steam in March for the first Time in a car: the “Pwn2Own” competition, the participants should hack a Tesla Model 3.

Overall, for gaps in security, reveal the hackers, prize money of $ 900,000 awarded. In order to win you have to win, for example, the control components, such as the built-in Wi-Fi, entertainment systems or car pilots, the doors by remote control to open or the Motor of the electric car start.

The amount of prize money depends on the affected systems and the respective level of difficulty of the attacks.

A Tesla for the fastest Hacker

The highest price class: Hacks for the Functioning of the E-cars is particularly critical Gateway systems, Autopilot, and for the alarm system, responsible System VCSEC (Vehicle Controller Secondary).

security researchers discover a vulnerability in one of these systems, can collect up to $ 250,000. Attacks on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth bring up to $ 60,000. The Hacker succeeds in the competition, the first to uncover the gap, gets a new Tesla.

At the US car manufacturer, the safety precautions are high, in the past, it was the hackers managed to yet again uncover vulnerabilities – however, in the case of other models than the Model 3, which is in competition in focus.

So, for example, Chinese students in 2014 had taken over the on-Board electronics of a Tesla Model S, and opened while driving the doors and sunroof, honked and turned on the headlights. Other security researchers had read out the key chain for the electric car and copied. Also the Tesla Model X weak points were revealed.


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