The unemployment in Germany rose at the beginning of the 2019 time of year. The number of unemployed climbed in January to 2.4 million , shared with the Federal employment Agency (BA). This is still the lowest for a January since the reunification.

In the comparison to December the number of job seekers increased in January to 196.000. were 165.000 less unemployed year . The unemployment rate rose by 0.4 points to 5.3 percent .

BA-in-chief Detlef Scheele commented positively. The unemployment had increased in January as usual. Employment subject to social insurance will continue but their growth rate and “the demand of companies for new employees remains at a very high level”.

DPA statistics: high unemployment is not really

Because of the cold winter weather, the work rests primarily in outdoor occupations, such as in construction, in horticulture or in agriculture frequently. Holdings separate, therefore, over the Winter a part of their workforce. Adjusted for seasonal variations , unemployment went up in January 2000 to 2,263 million . Economists had expected month-on-month, a significantly stronger decrease of 14,000. The number was entirely due to a decline in the East. In the West, they remained unchanged.

infographic SPIEGEL ONLINE unemployment in Germany: Current Figures and an East-West comparison

The official number is, however, the full size of the unemployment . So, if you have been unemployed in employment measures or unable to work Ill is not taken into account, in January 3,291 million people without a Job. This so-called employment , however, is also lower compared to the same month last year, although of 222,000. In the case of the Federal employment Agency were reported in January at the same time, about 758.000 Vacancies – 21,000 more than a year ago.


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