Some of the criticism he experienced as “very personal and emotional,” The actor Sebastian Koch hopes that Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s Three-hour epic “work without the author” after the Oscar nominations, gets a second Chance at the box office.

The Film, which is applied to the life and work of the artist Gerhard Richter, was nominated on Tuesday for two Oscars: for best foreign language Film and best cinematography (Caleb Deschanel). In Germany the Film had so far, 200,000 spectators, a drove but scathing reviews (click here to read the review of MIRROR ONLINE).

The German press Agency, said Sebastian Koch, who plays in “work without the author” a former SS doctor: “The movie has to like none. He should, however, be treated with respect. And that was not the case, unfortunately.” It was important to him that people were established itself, a judgment “and not be deterred by criticisms, and have nothing to do with the thing is not so much to”.

criticism had drawn “work without the author” and his maker, Henckel von Donnersmarck also of Gerhard Richter, with which the Director before the shooting on several occasions had spoken. The judge had said, his biography is abused and evil has been distorted.

Sebastian Koch seems to be anyway with the German film critics dissatisfied. He also criticizes the handling of the media with the disastrous attendance figures of Til Schweiger’s U.S. Remake of “honey in the head”. “If the Film in the United States has only a few Thousand spectators, will be celebrated right here with malice. This is so disgusting and uncomfortable. I think it’s pretty bad. That is not so. You always have less desire to work here,” says cook.

The German film critics did not get a “Head Full of Honey”, has yet to face. German media, including SPIEGEL ONLINE, reported on the ungnädige shooting of the film in the United States and the United Kingdom.

correction note: an earlier Version of the text, “work without the author” I have already had two million viewers. We have corrected this information, there is a confusion of takings and number of spectators.


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