The US military has killed in air attacks in the East African Somalia, according to information from 62 fighters of the terrorist militia Al-Schabab. As the Africa command of the US armed told forces, were six of the “precision attacks” on Saturday and Sunday, no civilians come to harm.

The United States have intensified under U.S. President Donald Trump the drone war in Somalia. Only attacks for self-defense were to 2017 is allowed, may order the U.S. military and the secret service, the CIA is now simpler such attacks. In the past year, it was drones 33 air strikes until September 2018 flew US according to the Pentagon, more than 20 such operations.

The number of victims varies greatly. The messages on the more than five dozen dead, to confirm at the weekend, it would be one of the most serious waves of attack in recent times. Most recently, the United States reported in October, more than 60 Dead Schabab-fighters.

Since the fall of dictator Mohammed Siad Barre in the early 1990s in Somalia, again and again to violence and lawlessness. The al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni fundamentalists to fight in the country in the Horn of Africa for the establishment of a so-called God, state, and committed violent attacks. The United States is supporting the Somali army and the military mission of the African Union (Amisom) in the fight against the terrorist militia.


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