The retail sector in Germany is tough, contested Terrain: The food prices are significantly below the EU average, many large discount chains such as Aldi and Lidl can enforce with your market, favorable purchasing power with suppliers terms and conditions.

Now, a Newcomer tries to enter this difficult market: On Friday, scheduled to open in Leipzig, a first branch under the name of “Mers” of Torgservis your doors, a Discounter group has so far collected experience in the Russian province.

Torgservis, Germany place prize deer with an ultra-low-strategy attack. The view through the window of the branch in Leipzig, is reminiscent of the beginnings of the discount stores industry: On the bright tiles light palettes with goods cartons are under neon, in simple high shelves of canned goods and jars stacked with food, as it describes a Reporter for the news Agency dpa.

Even in Russia, a rather small number

the establishment of The 1000 meters of sales area is a purist. The customer picks up the goods directly from the pallet. Also, the shopping cart used. Conveniently, it is supposed to be. “We are working according to the Motto “Every day low prices” is the name of it on the website of the German subsidiary of Torgservis, TS-market. Food, therefore, 70 percent of the range. The Rest is pet supplies, household goods, drugstore items and clothing.

in 2009, The company, founded in the Eastern Europe and Asia, operates according to its own data, especially in Russia, as well as some States, 928 branches, is closed. Information on the strategy and expansion plans, the company is not on demand. The owner “does not like excessive advertising”, is it in a nutshell.

Torgservis to Germany, That is, of all things, is quite surprising. With almost a thousand stores the group is not heard even in Russia, to the heavyweights on the market. The competitor of “Diksi”, for example, to 2500 stores, “Pjatjorotschka” to 13,000, in the case of “Magnit” in fact there are almost 17,000.

The Torgservis-stores operate in Russia so far, especially under the name of “Swetofor – light”. There, the company has developed in the past years, initially in the Russian regions. The focus of the company, the Region around the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. Most recently, the company has announced big plans for expansion: Romania, Belarus, the Czech Republic and also Germany are to be developed. However, Even in the Russian capital Moscow, the company is hardly represented. The search engine Yandex leads, while some of the shops in the Moscow environment. On the Internet page of the group, however, one is looking for the addresses of the Moscow branches, however, in vain.

In Germany are already failed other caliber

marketing expert Martin fassnacht from WHU business school in Düsseldorf considers it a coincidence that the first branch of a Russian discounter in Eastern Germany was opened. So the purchasing power is lower there part and there is more-effective loading areas than in the South or the West of Germany.

“The concept will not be successful because it is cost-effective”, barrel night, for sure. To be as a Discounter succeed in this industry, you need mass, lots of branches and a large demand, to negotiate with the producers about low prices. “Even 100 branches are not enough to be able to be successful.”

entering The market in Germany, providers of other weight have previously failed. So, the US giant Wal-Mart has experienced in Germany a debacle. The French Intermarché group moved in in 2006 a line under your loss of Empire, Germany’s commitment to and sold the Spar retail chain Edeka.

To Start in Leipzig is looking Torgservis still employees for the new store. So there’s a note on the front window, with the seller and the seller for the Fund, as well as shelf maintenance and the Grant of the goods are searched. At the same time is searched for on the company’s Homepage is a Manager for another store in Zwickau.

any Further questions not answered by the company.

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