the employer and the trade Union Ver.di have agreed in the night to Thursday on a collective compromise for the security personnel at German airports. The a Ver said.di-spokesperson of the German press Agency after several hours of negotiations on Thursday morning. Details of the agreement are to be disclosed accordingly in the morning.

After a month’s break, and several Strikes Ver had.di and the German Association of the aviation security company (BDLS) on Wednesday for the fifth round of Negotiations made. Ver.di demanded significantly more money for the security personnel: the hourly wage for the employee should get off at the passenger control of about 17 euros to 20 euros. The place of regional collective bargaining agreements, a Federal should enter more statements.

in particular, the recent warning strike on 15. January at the largest German airport in Frankfurt and seven other Airports had adversely affected the air traffic. Hundreds of flights were an estimated 200,000 passengers were not able to take a trip. Previously, it had already, on 10. January Strikes in Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, as well as on 7. January in Berlin.

In the collective bargaining it was one of the three professional groups with different tasks at the airports. The group controls of passengers and their Luggage, the second entrances and access roads to the airports and third parties, cargo, Mail and Catering for the aircraft.


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