the Apple because of a security gap in the switched-off groups will enable calls in his service Facetime next week with a Software Update. The iPhone group, apologized on Friday to users, and thanked the family of a teenager who had discovered the error. The Problem had already been to the Apple servers fixed.

the vulnerability could, under certain circumstances, other users of unnoticed to eavesdrop. A caller could listen to the Called party, even before it accepted a call. To do this, you had to add your phone number again quickly through the Group calling feature, while the call went out. In addition, the telephone of the Called party could also switch without warning to video telephony, if this is pushed from the lock screen, the switch-on button of the mobile phones.

In media reports, it was said that the Teenager and his mother had already tried last week, the group of the error. You not be but in several Places, it said. Apple responded on Tuesday, after the got weak point of greater awareness. The company is insured now that its developers have disabled the feature immediately after you were able to trace the error.

A relatively new feature

Meanwhile, the approach by Apple of the New York Prosecutor’s office is investigated. It is also a first lawsuit in connection with the accident was known. A lawyer from Texas went to court with the allegation that the confidential could be overheard office conversations with clients.

The function for group calls where up to 32 users can be added only at the end of October with the Version 12.1 of the Apple operating system iOS added. Facetime is only on Apple devices available.


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