The snow is tons of hard on the roofs in the Berchtesgadener Land. Now, the Federal police provides 230 forces to support the helper in the snowy areas.

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) said during a visit to the Region: “This is a Signal that they work together in such a Situation.” Seehofer met with rescue and relief workers on the ground. The people were since the days of the “Superhuman,” he said on Monday during his visit.

Already 1000 rescue forces in the field

The district of Berchtesgadener land, have the Federal government asked police on Saturday to help. In the Region in the event of a disaster, apply for days. Already more than 1000 forces of the armed forces, fire brigade, Red cross and Technical aid to the masses of Snow from collapsing the roofs of rooms.


Seehofer makes a picture of the since days of continuous snowfall in the Bavarian Alps. For the Bavarian Alps, the second highest avalanche is warning level. The entrance to the Church is soon locked swung because of the risk of Disposals since Sunday. Around 1300 people are stuck in the ski resort. On Monday morning, a large avalanche damaged a Hotel in Balderschwang, no one was injured. In the higher altitudes of the Alps, the new extreme falls of snow were also predicted. This should rise according to the weather service, the snow fracture risk.

late Sunday evening and had spilled an avalanche of parts of the national road 305 in the district of Berchtesgadener Land. No one was hurt, and not the section of the route remained. On Monday morning, an avalanche hit swung a Hotel in the winter ski resort soon. Here, too, no one was hurt. On Already on Thursday the country had ratsamt in the case of a disaster.

The use of force it has been a struggle: In the case of the use of lines of messages about nearly 900 of the roofs have now been received, which are covered by considerable snow load; up to Saturday evening were able to be shoveled, according to the district office with only about 300 of them. It will be graded according to urgency, said a spokesman for the district administrative office.

Video: Bundeswehr helps with the winter service


Also, German Minister of defense Ursula of the Leyen (CDU), was already a picture of the situation: she accompanied the mountain hunters in the case of a use in the Berchtesgadener District of book height. She praised the work of the soldiers, and said that the German army was coming, when they’ll be needed.

The German weather service expected up to Tuesday afternoon of snow for the Bavarian Alps. For other parts of the country snow is threatening mud. The load on trees and roofs could increase further.

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