Horst Seehofer, 69, has accepted, “that the most beautiful things in life are finite”. He said it recently, the “world on Sunday”. Undoubtedly, Seehofer is one of the most beautiful things of life is also the chair of the CSU.

it is now after ten years is over: On Saturday, he gives the office to the party Congress in Munich, as successor to Markus Söder. These Seehofer, who has fought a long time politically, but in the spring of last year, Söder replaced him already in the office of the Minister-President of Bavaria. Seehofer remains of a seat at the Cabinet table in Berlin – as Germany’s Federal Minister of the interior.

Only Franz Josef Strauss led the CSU for longer than Seehofer. As a top candidate, he repeated in 2013, again the absolute majority for his party in the Bavarian Parliament – it could be the last Time for a long time. In consequence of Seehofer led his Christian social because of the refugee policy in a conflict with the CDU, in the self-cleavage of the sister parties was unthinkable.

The late CSU leader Horst Seehofer appears as a divided reasonable dispute Hansel. But in the years before, the party Chairman showed a completely different side. MIRROR ONLINE has current and former politicians from the Union parties, including the CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, of the political competition and other companions according to their Seehofer-moments asked.

The answers give a multi-faceted picture of the outgoing CSU-chairs:

Servus, Horst

Martin Schulz, 63, Ex-Chairman of the SPD: When I was elected party Chairman of the SPD, there was a Meeting with the Chairman of the CDU and CSU, Angela Merkel and Horst Seehofer. In this interview, Mrs Merkel asked me if I didn’t have any problems with the Prime Minister of the interior and Minister-President of my party. I said that I get along with all very well and answered the question. Subsequently, Mr Seehofer said: “of Course you get on well with your Prime Minister, right, Angela?”

This inclination to wit and irony is sure to be a page of Horst Seehofer, which can sometimes lead to difficult moments. In this Situation, but it was just very amusing.

Walter Eisenhart, 52, a teacher, a University lecturer and friend of Horst Seehofer: It was on 6. March 2018, at a TV filming of a documentary about him. We met in the pine room of the state Chancellery, a few days before his departure as Prime Minister. Its demo days as head of the CSU was already in progress. I was curious on what Horst Seehofer and I would meet at this time, because we had not seen for a long time. And the Amazing and at the same time, Human was that he harbored no grudge, but the things with Humor, looked at and commented on. That he has preserved in this hard time his sense of Humor, was authentic, a real Seehofer.

Jürgen Trittin, 64, Ex-group chief of the Greens: In the Jamaican negotiations, there was a recurring Ritual. The CSU Chairman entered the room in the parliamentary Association. As always without any documentation. He drew back into a corner and held court. Its negotiators came to him, not securitised him, he betrayed them, which he drew conclusions from it. For Green a strange Ritual. They discussed their lines of a negotiating delegation.

At the end supplied but Horst Seehofer. The CSU negotiators were often blocked, because Seehofer had reserved that only he would compromise. When he signaled that it had to be with the Green on family reunification, a compromise was clear: Seehofer Jamaica wanted and not jointly with the Lindner burst. The FDP took the panic, and two days later they ran away.

The head-shaking over this departure United Seehofer and the Green for a historic Moment.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, 56, CDU leader and former Minister President of the Saarland: Without the support of Horst Seehofer, had it not been for the financial equalisation among the States in the agreed Form. I am, as a former Minister-President of Saarland grateful.

Theo Waigel, 79, a long-time CSU leader and Helmut Kohl from 1989 to 1998, the Federal Minister of Finance: At the most, and most intense memory of an incident from the year 1994 is to me, in our year long relationship. At the time, we both worked as Federal Minister under Helmut Kohl in Bonn. Seehofer, Minister of health, I the Minister of Finance. Because at that time I was also CSU Chairman, came Seehofer, one day, with the offer to me, Minister, to give up and instead, Secretary-General of the CSU, all in the service of the party. I found this quite remarkable, I said to him: We need You as a Minister. And that’s why You are on the Post in Bonn is much more important than on the of the Secretary-General. And Seehofer was then also the Minister of health, to the end of the Era Kohl in 1998.

Bernd Riexinger, 63, Chairman of the left party: Horst Seehofer, was once, like the social Conscience of the Union. Even then, he put up with Angela Merkel. He was against the capitation fee in health policy. Today, the outgoing CSU Chairman just about as high a capitation fee in the case of deportation of people to enforce. His departure from Christian social values leads to the fact that he is Chairman of a stubborn misanthrope comes at the end of his career as a CSU.

the Prelate Karl Jüsten, 57, head of the Commissariat of German bishops in Berlin: After Horst Seehofer, had taken over the post of party Chairman of the CSU and Minister-President in Bavaria, we had to sadly give up our background circle with a capital, journalist, interested in social issues. Seehofer, the SPD politician Karl Lauterbach and I were invited to attend. But the contact remained.

Seehofer had always open ears for ethically sensitive issues. His Christian Faith is not exhausted in Lip service. After his serious illness many years ago, he withdrew to a monastery for recovery and for spiritual Refueling. The Catholic social doctrine was in the field of social policy was always a guiding principle. Because the CSU program is also in his handwriting.

by the Way, he remained human, always very approachable. So he picked himself up the phone and apologized personally when he had to cancel because of an appointment, a Meeting with senior Church representatives. In Berlin, it is in the hectic daily routine of the usual that is done via e-Mail or through the secretariats.

Even if we had the immigration policy is often a dissent, I must be grateful to him that he stood up for the maintaining of the Kirchenasyls. Because, as he said, the immediate Human must not be lost in a country like Germany.

Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, 67, long-standing Federal Minister of justice from 2000 to 2013, Chairman of the Bavarian FDP: I, Horst Seehofer of the Cabinet, got to know colleagues in 1992, personally, but politically I had with him, only after the electoral defeat of the CSU, in 2008, at the state election with the loss of the absolute majority. We both sat opposite us in the coalition negotiations in Bavaria as a negotiator. To make the FDP euphoric because of the unique opportunity, with the CSU staff in total upheaval. Horst Seehofer, had to clean up and wanted a fresh start.

In the small office of the FDP, we were sitting opposite of us, with our delegations crowded, and I experienced Horst Seehofer, as he received his CSUlern a lesson to the other granted, for the CSU unusual compromises and in the case of the sudden known the Landesbank disaster will be made during the negotiations, a clear cut and hard against the own people occurred. I’ve seen him under considerable pressure with large health burden as a strategic negotiator. This has been fun to achieve, even in Four-on-one meetings results.

We can do this, we were convinced. I had to remember that again and again in the last few years, as these words have become terms of a Fight. I can understand that after the last ten years, Horst Seehofer difficult for the party presidency.

collaboration: Florian Kinast

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