At first glance, the study is the result of a paradox: employees are emotionally stable and open to new experiences as a craftsman and trader. But when it comes to her Confidence, to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, stand back behind the workers. The current data analysis of the Institute of German economy (IW).

The IW-Treasurer Andrea Hammermann examined in their study of how Employees assess their so-called self-efficacy, and significant differences among workers and employees established.

Who has commissioned the study? The study was carried out by the employer near Institute of the German economy (IW) in Cologne. Economist Andrea Hammermann, at the Institute for the issues of working conditions and personnel policy, has published the results in the IW-short report 1/2019 under the title of “I can do this: the principle of self-efficacy”. How were the data collected? The author has evaluated for their study, the data of the Linked Personnel Panel (LPP). The Institute for employment research surveyed in the LPP companies and selected Employees from companies with at least 50 subject to social insurance employees. For the second wave of the 2014/2015 7.109 Employees from 777 Operated were interviewed. What was the aim of the investigation? With the study, the self-efficacy of employees, it should be investigated. The author refers to a Definition of self-efficacy by Albert Bandura, which describes the Confidence, overcome obstacles and set goals to achieve.

Therefore, to reach employee at the question of self-efficacy and the statement, to be able to problems themselves good masters, in the middle ten to twelve percent lower Approval rates than workers.

the cause of The difference is in the sense of the word. According to the author, the sense of self-efficacy derives primarily from concrete success stories – and the workers.

water management as a success

hammer man makes this type of activity. While workers create more physical exercise employees in the office rather spiritual activities. For the craftsmen the result of his work is directly visible, in the Form of a table or a repaired water line.

In the case of complex intellectual activities of the success, however, have to wait. At the Desk, devised solutions need to be tested in practice, the employees feel less productive.

Only in the case of executives not see this effect, describes the hammer man. Who will take leadership responsibility, regardless of the type of activity, is also convinced of its effectiveness.

achievements reward – self-esteem

The management personnel in the company hammer man advises, from the study results, consequences. Because people who perceive themselves as self-effective, feel therefore more comfortable and are more satisfied with their job.

achievements should be rewarded, therefore, says hammer man, just when the performance was evident as a tangible result in front of you. “The antiquated saying, ‘Not scolded is praise enough’, is finally in the understanding of leadership.”

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