Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’


Merry Christmas

In the Christmas the desire to quality often rises to the infinite. Millionaires distribute roast Goose to the homeless. People go to Church and donate five euros for starving children.

Once-a-year so-called shining children’s eyes to Shine, or they laugh, or don’t care, then ran the thing, and most people return to their factory setting. egoism .

The Evolution. Yes. Almost each of us knows that she is the center of the universe. Almost any know that you. And surprisingly, the certainty that runs through all income strata. People about 1 million of income, limit, open at the top, feel the state betrayed, you are sure that you give back to the people enough, with eventual jobs and generous donations to schools or whatever. Very rich people assume that anyone can be a very rich man, if you make the effort a little.

Very rich countries behave similarly. In Switzerland, primarily wealthy conservative politicians, the majority of the government to fight vehemently for a phasing-out of social assistance.

does That mean – you want to get rid of people that create gross national product. Forgetting that in Switzerland not too long ago, many of the poorest areas in Europe. People emigrated to America, to starve, their children as chimney cleaner sold, to the Land discovered that with dirty money around the world make a lot of money. Just an example.

The wind, suspended in the medium layer demonstrated in many countries, with or without the West against or for despots, against bad infrastructure and against injustice in General. Compared to people in Bangladesh or Romania, most of the dresses of the demonstrators, the Central Europeans have made, they seem, however, immensely rich. Yes, and? That’s how it is in the world.

ignorance and contempt

You have to happiness with his birth place and parents, need to, this has always been so.

people fight for a strong social system (from which you want to exclude poorer immigrants), as long as you think you will need it. As long as you paid for bad, unsafe, slip end Jobs, they are in trade unions, think social, are for high taxes on the better-off. The same man speaks, he should come out of the money, usually very quickly of too high taxes for the Rich, he is for a streamlining of the state. Idiots. Act according to the situation.

The least allow the thoughts to a sense that your life can change suddenly. By a repetition of the financial crisis, an accident, the loss of Jobs, a war – no matter thinks not, but fear almost all of you, before descending in a group they feel superior. And the punish you with ignorance and contempt. Just don’t plug in on the poverty, whatever that means for each.

It has not changed in the Thinking of the majority since the feudal times is a lot. Each has their place in the society , any longer, to the top, even further, and to achieve this, one must not look down, do not look back, not think. The inability of most of the people do not resemble a income and form as related to exercise, is the main engine of capitalism, is the reason why the lives of all the always strenuous and colder.

But with Online-Shopping. Hooray. Christmas, the Feast of love . But. We don’t love each other. Love is an invention of capitalism is to sell stuff.

An old set is almost all themed Everyone dies alone – And thus: a beautiful.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.