An easy-to-remember phone number is for entrepreneurs, the value of Gold. In the ideal case, customers can connect with you a product or a Service. TV and radio stations put out about their sweepstakes. The Taxi-Ruf has perfected it: 55555 or 66666 in every state in the keyboard typing. Anyone who starts a business wants to be accessible on the Internet and mobile.

But so catchy cell phone numbers are not on the road. Some mobile operators may surcharge a desired telephone number. But many combinations are already taken. Enterprising business people have discovered already since longer time a market. They sell so-called VIP numbers for a lot of money on Ebay.

offer in the amount of 360,000 Euro

The rates on the trading platform let a be amazed. Half a Million Euro about a provider asks for a phone number with five zeros. 360,000 euros want to have another one for a mobile by choice, according to the area code, the digits 7100100 follow. The offers related to Prepaid cards and mobile phone contracts. Some sellers appear to be reputable, at least dubious. They all move to a market in a legal grey zone.

six years Ago, a ruling of the düsseldorf regional court has caused a stir. A user had purchased on Ebay for a lot of money for a VIP number. But suddenly they no longer worked. The employees of the Shops of the associated mobile network operator had taken the number back in order to sell them to someone else.

documents falsified and transferred the number in an unauthorized manner to the other customers. The Ebay users complained against the mobile operator – and lost, despite the questionable actions of the employee trusted. Neither his money, nor the number he got back.

network Agency: trade with numbers is not legal

"The trading numbers is in breach of the telecommunications numbering Ordinance" means the Federal network Agency. And it also saw the land court. A Vodafone spokesman stressed: "anyone Who buys on Ebay is a VIP number for a lot of money, must expect that his money is gone, without that he gets the number, or permanently keep." Even the mobile operators are expected to not trade with VIP numbers.

The network Agency is responsible for the management of mobile phone numbers. You will be allocated in blocks of the mobile operators, this the individual numbers to share, in turn, their customers. A customer would like the number to someone else, he may apply to the provider partner to a contract exchange. Money he is not allowed to charge for it by the new contractual partner. However, the regulation that prescribes all this, leaves room for interpretations.

In certain cases, trade is allowed in

is allowed from the point of view of Ebay, the "legal disclosure of allocations of telephone numbers according to the regulation in certain cases". Also, the mobile group Telefónica wants to make because of the many different offers on Ebay, no generally valid statement. It simply informs: "It is on the part of Telefónica there is no active testing of Offers on sale of platforms in the Internet." The Federal network Agency, according to a number of administrative procedures in the matter is currently pending.

Until then, the trade is booming. Professional seller with a registered enterprise with the mix. A vendor sells such as start-up packages with non-activated SIM cards, and a particularly catchy phone numbers. The business would be illegal, he would be long without a Job, he writes.

beware of scammers

anyone Who clicks through his reviews, noting that he reacted in individual cases, up to 1000 Euro per number – depending on how catchy this is. A majority of but it sold at prices of around 50 euros. Since the numbers are only part of the start package, was it a legal trade.

interested buyers of such protestations convinced. Because neither the mobile operator nor the Federal network Agency every single, or even an offer on Ebay, is likely to be the risk anyway low, to lose his number. Also, the consumer no problems or complaints in connection with VIP numbers on Ebay are well-known. Who is seated, however, fraudsters and at the end without a number stands, is likely to have a little opportunities, the right to sue.

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